Apr 15, 2013

Set Up Glitch Discovered

Once fixed will be fired up the rankings

Martin Jessopp believes his team have discovered a set-up glitch that once fixed will not only calm his BMW’s aggression but also fire him up the rankings.

 The Yeovil racer’s Eureka moment did not come in time to earn top ten finishes at Thruxton on Sunday and may not prove as evolutionary as he hopes until Oulton Park next month.

 However, Jessopp maintains the closely-guarded suspension-related secret will help him better the 14th and 15th places he registered at a damp Hampshire circuit last weekend.

 He said: “I wasn’t really that happy after the race but we then found something quite big with our bike which will make a big difference.

 “It’s a shame we didn’t spot it 24 hours earlier and couldn’t get out on the track with it. It’s to do with the geometry side and the suspension.

 “With the way the bike is set-up we were a long way out with one party but didn’t realise until after the race and it had been like that since we have had the bike.

 “That’s why it has been so aggressive and trying to spit me off when the tyres were getting worn. When the guys were looking through the data they couldn’t understand that aggression but now they have found something.”

 The 27-year-old refused to rule out a foreign test before heading to Oulton Park in Cheshire over the May Bank Holiday, adding he was pleased to head north with points on the board.

 “A 14th and 15th wasn’t really what I wanted but in the grand scheme of things it was a step further from the weekend before,” said Jessopp.

 “It’s a little bit disheartening finishing ten places worse than what I have done around Thruxton before but I have to accept I was then on a bike that we had developed for four or five years and now we’re in the very early stages. It is a bit frustrating but at least there are now a few points in the bag.”