Dec 1, 2015

Martin Jessopp hoped for more at Macau Grand Prix but reveals new plans for road races next season

The Macau Grand Prix did not go entirely to plan for Martin Jessopp.

That is according to the man himself, who was hoping to win his season-concluding road race after qualifying in pole position. As it was tyre problems meant the Yeovil rider had to make do with a very respectable second.

"Macau was not what I wanted but was still a great result," Jessopp said.

"The first practice was fast and the times were coming easily so I thought it was set to be a good day for the race.

"I had a good start and was second by the end of the first lap. Peter Hickman had also pulled away, but I knew there was a problem with the tyre.

"With seven laps left I knew I was in trouble and was not going to win. I did the best I could but there was nothing I could do and it was only good enough for second place.

"As a team we decided to take a gamble with that tyre and it didn't pay off."

Jessopp is now enjoying some much deserved time off after another busy season that saw him combine British Superbikes with road races at the Isle of Man TT, North West 200 and Macau.

It has always been on the road where he has found his biggest successes and as such a new plan has been devised for 2016. Rather than racing for other teams Jessopp has decided to go it alone in the Supertwin class.

The star will be riding an ER6 Kawasaki that is being worked on already. Added to that he has also bought a Triumph so that he can compete in Supersport on the road as well.

"Supersport is new to me so that will be fun. The 675 is a lot slower so you are not as much of a passenger," Jessopp continued.

"(Mechanic) James Buckingham is building them now. A lot of effort is being put in and I think it could be something quite special."

As for BSB in 2016, Jessopp says it will be discussed once he returns from his break away and the decision will be announced in the near future. After that he will concentrate on staying fit and will travel to Italy in January for motocross training and with injuries no longer hindering him, will return to action in the UK in early March.

Thanks to the Western Gazette for the use of this story.